Time waits for no one.
"Por lunas como tú
es que existen soles
que aún creen en salir al mundo por amor."

De amaneceres

Vuelta y Giro.

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–¡Mira! ¡Un fin de semana! –¿Dónde? –Ya no, ya pasó.

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Confession & Repenti…
"Stop acting like you aren’t enough. You’re strong and beautiful
and the way you dress or who you like doesn’t change how big your heart is.
You are important and your hair looks nice and so do your eyes,
and the way you eat half a tub of ice cream is sexy as hell.
You are not nothing and you can achieve anything and you are believed in.
You are someone worth having around and whoever has you now
or will have you is the lucky one too.
Why do people tell others what they deserve, but never themselves?
Start acting like you are enough because damn it,
You are"
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“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”  ― Margaret Atwood